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    China has shocked the world once again with its manufacturing technology of "ceramic" engine bearings


    In recent years, China's bearing products have developed rapidly, and the output and sales of bearings are now the third largest in the world. Even so, China has only been engaged in bearings. There is still a big gap between China and the world's major bearing powers in the core technology field, especially in the field of aerospace bearings. Aerospace bearing is the key component of aerospace engine, so the quality of bearing determines the height that aerospace can reach. Therefore, a professor of Southwest University of Politics and Law said: bearing technology content is very high, is a measure of a country's scientific and technological and industrial strength of the "yardstick".

    R&amp;D of hybrid ceramic bearings in China has officially opened

    With the support of the state, the research and application of Si3N4 silicon nitride hybrid ceramics were carried out by Harbin Bearing Company and Harbin University of Technology. Hybrid ceramic bearing combines the excellent performance of metal and ceramics. Its main mechanisms are inner and outer ring bearing steel, stainless steel holder and silicon nitride ceramic ball. According to the materials, the mechanical and physical properties of silicon nitride ceramic balls are the best in the field of high performance bearing technology. At high temperatures, ordinary bearing steel balls are prone to lose strength and hardness, while silicon nitride ceramic balls can maintain their original hardness at 400 degrees Celsius and fail at 800 degrees Celsius.

    Life and reliability of aviation bearings in China are lower than those in the world.

    In order to ensure the high reliability of space launcher, it is necessary to ensure the life of space bearings. Space bearings can not be damaged in any cracks as long as they reach tens of thousands of revolutions per minute and accept various forms of extrusion, friction and ultra-high temperature. According to the materials, the life of main bearings in foreign aerospace industry is more than eight times as estimated, and the reliability is as high as 98%, while in China, the reliability is about 96% as long as it is three to five times as estimated. The short life of space bearings in China has become the short board of space launchers. The lack of technology in high-end bearings in China has led to a large demand for imported bearings in key areas such as aerospace and robotics, which makes it impossible for China to develop bearings with all its efforts.

    China has become the fifth consumer of bearings after the United States, Japan and other countries

    Now, after switching to self-made hybrid ceramic bearings, the bearings are required to run continuously for 5 hours directly, which also makes it possible for China to break through the monopoly of high-end bearings abroad. Usually, after the purchase of Harbin Bearing Company, China Aviation Industry has invested heavily in expanding the high-performance aerospace bearing industry. Soon, hybrid ceramic bearings will become the main force in the bearing field of high-end weapons and aerospace. This will also make China the fifth largest consumer after the United States, Japan and Sweden. Feihang Aerospace Ceramic Bearing Country.

    Ceramic bearings will deal with the problem of low efficiency and low speed of domestic bearings

    Ceramic balls in hybrid ceramic bearings have the function of oil-free self-smoothing, that is to say, when the smooth grease is dried out, the bearing can still operate normally, and its rotational speed can reach 1.5 times of that of metal bearings, so it can improve the extinction efficiency of the engine and increase its thrust force. Previously, in order to increase the speed and range of anti-ship missiles and thus improve the long-range strike ability of our naval ships, when using the domestic metal aero-bearing experiment, the rotational speed progresses to 40,000 rpm and smokes at the beginning, emits a strong noise, and then holds the axle to stop. According to the design request, the turbine rotor should reach 120,000 rpm. This has to import high-speed aeronautical bearings from abroad to meet the requirements.