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    Luoshao Group provides a boost for the development of national green energy industry


    Message: The project of "Research and Development of Key Technologies and Large-scale Engineering Application of High Efficiency and Low Wind Speed Wind Turbines", which won the second prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award, makes all the staff of Luoyang LYC Bearing Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Luoshafts), one of the enterprises participating in this project, feel proud. Dong Hanjie, Director of Luoshafting Technology Center, said, "In this project, we have undertaken the key tasks of wind power bearing design and manufacturing technology." In the overall situation of energy development industry in the new era of the country, Luo Shaft has made its own contribution.

    At present, the development of clean and green wind power has become a general consensus of all countries in the world to promote energy innovation and respond to climate change, as well as a key measure of energy structure transformation in China. In recent years, onshore wind power in China has begun to transfer to other power load centers in the South and middle east. Because of the low uniform wind speed and fast change of wind direction, new requests have been made for wind turbines. The project "Research and Development of Key Technologies for High Efficiency and Low Wind Speed Wind Turbines and Large-Scale Engineering Application" jointly launched by the State Power Integrated Power, Luo Shaft, China Academy of Electric Power Sciences, North China Electric Power University and Hebei University of Technology has effectively solved these problems.

    The test of bearings in the field of low-speed wind power is more rigorous. Dong Hanjie said that, unlike people's imagination, in low wind speed environment, wind turbines need to have a stronger ability to capture energy. Increasing blade length has become the usual response, which means that bearing capacity increases accordingly. In addition, in the low wind speed environment, wind direction and wind speed change greatly, and wind turbines are more vulnerable to random air impact, which puts forward higher requirements for the relevant properties of bearings. "Whether the wind turbine is good or not, bearing is the key element of the center."

    As a central component, bearings play an insignificant role in traditional wind power consumption. Because wind turbines are all installed at high altitude and have high maintenance cost, at the same time, their working conditions are relatively bad, and they are vulnerable to dust, water mist, freezing and other pollution damage, which requires the supporting bearings to have high rigidity and reliability to meet the requirements of their 20-year service life.

    In addition, bearings directly connected with wind blades and with very large loads are also successful in the research and development of Luoshafts. At present, with the unremitting efforts of state-owned power and Luoshafts, the project has completed a wide range of Engineering applications. "Compared with the traditional high-quality wind farm, the application of this technology has doubled the scope of China's wind power industry." Dong Hanjie said. Over the past three years, the project's new units have generated 14.3 billion kilowatt-hours of annual electricity and reduced carbon dioxide equivalent by 12.47 million tons annually, which has made positive contributions to the transformation of energy structure and the establishment of ecological culture in China.

    Since assuming a series of tasks in 2011, Luoshafts have successively completed the research and development tasks of propeller bearings and yaw bearings. Material shows that the former function is to stabilize the output of wind power by adjusting the relative angle between wind blade and air flow when the wind speed is too high or too low; the latter is to coordinate with the control system of wind turbine to keep the wind turbine in the top wind state, thereby improving the efficiency of wind turbine generation.

    At present, Luoshafts are accelerating the research and development of offshore wind turbine bearings above 5 MW, and striving to promote the complete localization of such wind turbine bearings.

    As the first domestic enterprise to develop wind power supporting bearings, the main drafting unit of the National Standards for Wind Power Spindle Bearings, Yaw Bearings and Slurry-changing Bearings has developed large megawatt wind turbines with high load-carrying capacity, high reliability, high safety and short life successively, taking full advantage of its industry-leading technological research and development advantages over the years. A series of supporting bearings have been prepared, and key technologies have been broken. A batch of reliability experiments with independent intellectual property rights technology and products have been completed, and industrialization has been completed.