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    HELLO,Luoyang LYC Precision Bearing Co.,Ltd!

    Location:HOME > JOBS

    1. CNC lathe, vertical grinding, CNC drilling machine and CNC quenching machine operators each 10 persons. They can operate Siemens 802DSL operating system independently and skillfully.

    · More than two years working experience in the same position is preferred.

    · Be able to understand the mechanical drawings; have a good foundation of machining technology and quality awareness.

    · Piecework (time) wage system, more work and more pay, wages are not capped.

    Salary treatment: the implementation of the piece-by-piece (time) wage system, normal attendance 5000-6000 yuan/month

    2. Quality Inspection Personnel 4

    · Over 2-3 years working experience in rotary bearing is preferred.

    Salary: 2500-5000 yuan/month

    3. Technicians 5 persons

    · Bachelor degree or above in mechanical manufacturing, skilled in drawing software, bearing expertise is preferred.

    Salary: 3000-8000 yuan/month

    4. Marketing personnel 5 persons

    · More than 1 year of work experience, college degree or above, sales skills, strong communication skills, strong sense of responsibility is preferred.

    Salary Treatment: Negotiation

    Company benefits:

    Lunch allowance is 200 yuan per month and transportation fee is 50 yuan per month. Those who pass the examination and are excellent shall sign a labor contract and pay five insurances together with housing fund. Be off duty on weekends and national holidays.

    Place of work:

    Anyone who is interested in the above positions can email us your resume.

    No. 275 Kaiyuan Avenue, Luolong Science Park, Luoyang City

    Contact number: 0379-65990668 Contact person: Ms. Zhu

    Mailbox: lyjmzc65993668@126.com

    Fax: 0379-65993668

    Interested parties, please send your resume to the email.