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    HELLO,Luoyang LYC Precision Bearing Co.,Ltd!

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    Luoyang LYC Precision Bearing Co.,Ltd is an independent subsidiary company of state-owned joint-stock mixed ownership established by Luoyang LYC Bearing Co.,Ltd to supplement the small-batch and high-precision bearing manufacturing capacity and market development. LYC covers the company’s technology and quality management system in an all-round way. Focusing on the new generation of high-end, precision and sophisticated weapons and equipment, precision machine tools, instruments, medical devices, communication measurement and control, rotating launcher, radar equipment and bearing supporting services for military-civilian high-tech products, LYC Precision Co.,Ltd gathers the high-quality resources of LYC, establishes a competent and efficient production and technical service team, and aims to provide customers with more professional and reliable R&D,manufacturing and technical service guarantee, and realize the dream of a powerful country by manufacturing high-end bearings.

    Strong technical strength

    LYC, with three platforms (the only State Key Laboratory of Aviation Precision Bearings in China’s bearing industry, the state recognized enterprise technical center, the CNAS national accreditation laboratory) and a post-doctoral research workstation, has decades of technological accumulation and significant achievements in science and high-technology field. With the support of strong R&D capacity along with quality and test platforms of LYC, Luoyang LYC Precision Bearing Co.,Ltd has its own competent and efficient R&D team and production capability, and mainly develops and manufactures precision bearings which apply in various fields, and constantly creates a technical service team with rapid response and closer to market to provide more professional and reliable R&D as well as manufacturing and technical service guarantee to realize the dream of a powerful country by manufacturing high-end bearing .

    Improvement of management system

    LYC has passed ISO 9001, QS16949 quality system certification, ISO 14001environment management system certification and complete measurement and testing system. Luoyang LYC Precision Bearing Co.,Ltd is under the full coverage of LYC systems. Moreover, it has passed the certification of GB/T 19001-2016/ISO 9001:2015 and GJB9001C-2017quality management system, which lays a good foundation for the company’s development.

    Excellent manufacturing equipment

    Luoyang LYC Precision Bearing Co.,Ltd, mainly manufacturing precision bearings of grade P5 to P2, has advanced precision bearing production line, including CNC vertical lathe, CNC vertical grinding, CNC gear shaper, CNC quenching machine, CNC drilling and milling machine, CNC assembly machine, automatic flaw detection machine and other domestic advance manufacturing equipment as well as a variety of domestic and foreign first-class testing and experimental instruments, which makes it capable of guarantee the whole process machining and testing from incoming raw material to assembly of finished products.